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A Polarising é uma empresa jovem e informal, focada em Integração e Custom Development com tecnologia Java, Oracle Tibco ou IBM.

Testemunhos públicos da Polarising

"My experience with Polarising's onboarding process was exceptional. From the initial interview to my first day on the job, the entire process was seamless and well-organized, with clear communication and prompt follow-up. My colleagues were all welcoming and supportive, and I immediately felt a sense of belonging. The work environment is collaborative and positive. The company places a high value on employee development, and I am continuously learning new skills and expanding my knowledge. Being on this team has been a truly rewarding experience. Clear communication, mutual respect, and shared goals among team members create a supportive and collaborative atmosphere that makes working together enjoyable. I am delighted to be working here and look forward to a bright future here."
"I embraced a new professional challenge after working for six years at Polarising. I thought it was essential to know another reality, other working methods. Polarising had allowed me to put into practice the knowledge I acquired in the classroom, giving me baggage that I would hardly get in an academic context, such as time management and interpersonal relationships. So, I was prepared and confident for the new challenge. But I ended up returning to Polarising 14 months later, motivated by its environment, the working conditions, the constant challenges, and knowing that I would find a stable 'home' where progression has no limits. Working at Polarising will always be the right choice.